Our Story

Everyone needs someone to talk to.

Before we can do anything to solve our problems, we need to acknowledge they exist. We need to share our experiences and feel validated in our emotions. And that’s exactly what 10,000 people and counting are doing through the VentSpace app. 

Our mission is to be a doorway to better mental and social health by creating a safe place for individuals to share and connect with others.

The Evolution of

  • 2020

    Official VentSpace launch

    Focus on mental health during the pandemic

  • 2021

    PsychHub in App Collaboration

    Mental health video education resources available

  • 2022

    Focus shifts to mental health awareness and resources

    Anonymous audio voice posting

  • 2023

    JustMental podcast launch

    Valuable content from mental health experts

  • 2023

    Crisis Text Line & airmyMD Official Partnership

    New Partnerships & Collaborations, providing mental health resources to our app community

Where we’re headed

VentSpace has more than 10,000 members with more than 8,000 posts. Our community is diverse and engaged, with some of the most common subgroups including students, LGBTQIA+, parents, and professionals. 

We are seeking partners who have a vested interest in working with these populations to help improve mental health outcomes. Because our app allows us to see which topics interest specific demographic groups, we can select collaborators whose work specifically aligns with these niche audiences.

To be considered for a VentSpace partnership opportunity, please reach out to set up an interview with our team.