5 Amazing Health Benefits of Meditation

The practice of meditation has experienced a surge in popularity over the past decade and has been adopted and promoted by celebrities across the world. Meditation is a personal development practice as well as a spiritual practice and can take many different forms—including silent meditation, guided meditation, mantra meditation and moving meditation.

While it can be challenging to sit still and quietly for an extended period of time, especially for beginning meditors, the practice can be highly rewarding and has been shown to have many advantages, including reduced stress and increased self awareness.

Here are five incredible mental and physical health benefits that meditation can provide:

  1. Mental peace and clarity. Mindfulness and meditation can help us let go of resistance and come to peace with the reality of a situation. By taking time to slow down and tune into our inner experience, we can often view a scenario more clearly.
  2. Lower blood pressure. Meditation can reduce stress hormones in the body, slow heart rate, and release tension in muscles. This can lead to lower blood pressure and an overall feeling of relaxation.
  3. Better focus. Constant multitasking and productivity can actually detract from our ability to concentrate and think clearly. Meditation has been shown to improve mental focus, memory and awareness.
  4. Reduced depression and anxiety. A 2014 research analysis found that meditation may help improve symptoms of anxiety and depression and can be used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for these mental illnesses.
  5. Pain management. Meditation is a process of being aware and accepting without trying to change or alter an experience. Many individuals have found meditation to be helpful in managing pain, whether physical or emotional. By letting go of resistance and learning to accept discomfort, the pain often becomes less acute.

Practicing meditation doesn’t mean always feeling happy or positive, however it can be very beneficial in helping to reset, calm down, and refocus our energy.