A safe space to share the unfiltered version of you

VentSpace is a free, anonymous alternative to social media where you can share the most authentic parts of yourself with complete privacy.


Post anonymously

The VentSpace message board allows you to choose a topic and write a post in that category, completely anonymously.


Hear from others

Read stories from others going through similar things and hit the “relate” button to show that you can understand where they’re coming from.


Access mental health resources

We partner with mental health service providers to give our community additional support.

Your privacy matters

VentSpace will always be a completely free and private platform. Data privacy and security are a top priority and we are constantly improving the app to make it a better experience for our community.

The benefits of anonymity

Most social media platforms are about putting your best face forward and getting likes or followers. VentSpace turns all of that on its head. 

Instead of promoting popularity contests and influencer culture, it reminds us that we are all human beings, just trying our best. By taking away the toxic parts of social media, we’ve created a safe place for people to express themselves authentically.