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VentSpace is a judgement-free zone for people to express themselves. To maintain a safe, supportive environment, we ask that you follow our posting guidelines. Users who do not follow the guidelines are subject to removal from the platform.

Respect feedback preferences. In each post, users will select the type of feedback they are open to. The options are “advice,” “encouragement,” and “can you relate?” Responders should limit their feedback to the type requested.

Maintain a supportive attitude. This is not a platform for debating, criticizing, or gossiping. Responses to posts should be supportive and non-judgmental.

No explicit content. This is not a platform to share graphic details beyond what is necessary to explain your situation.

No bullying. This includes antagonizing, insulting, interrogating, criticizing, harassing, victim-blaming, suicide-guilding, and oppressive language (such as racist, sexist, homophic , or transphobic language).

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