What our VentSpace community
has told us

Because VentSpace is a place to share stories that might be difficult to post on other platforms, it gives us unique insight into mental health trends and popular topics among specific demographic segments. This data is invaluable to our mental health partners, who can use our analytics to better understand and engage with their audiences. As always, we keep our member’s personal data completely confidential.

Mental health trends on VentSpace

Relationship struggles

25% of posts


30% of posts

General mental health

25% of posts

Feeling stuck or alone

20% of posts

Research Collaborations

We specialize in advanced mental health research using our social app, VentSpace, as well other social media data. Our innovative approach combines psychology, research, and technology to understand and improve people’s well-being online. Through sophisticated algorithms and collaborations with experts, we develop personalized interventions and strategies to promote mental health and resilience in the digital age.

VentSpace is helping revolutionize mental health support through strategic research collaborations. The trends we analyze from our community give our research partners unique insight into trending mental health topics. Together, we help bring more awareness to mental illness and improve the lives of those struggling with mental health.