The feedback speaks for itself

"So far an amazing experience
The app runs smoothly. I decided I needed to do something to save my mental health in this moment. It really helps to share anonymously when you have no one. No comments yet. My only concern is if there’s a way to unblock the posts you clicked block on. I wasn’t trying to click on anything in particular and accidentally hit block on a bunch of things.."

"Great app that’s not like other social apps
This VentSpace app has helped so much. The people that put this together have no idea how much of a relief it is to be able to express myself without being scared that I’ll be judged and knowing there’s others that faced or facing the same pain. Absolutely amazing app, and love the new features being added!"

"Great for my mental health
Compared to many others on the app, my problems feel minimal but it’s still great to vent and be anonymous. Also really nice to see the issues other are having and provide them support. Awesome app for mental health"

"Helps me feel like I’m not crazy
Reading people’s stories on this app helps me feel more connected and like I’m not the only one going through crazy stuff. It’s cool to see people supporting each other too."

"Awesome App
New updates are fast and reliable."