VentSpace Mental Health Education Feature is Live

We are excited to announce that VentSpace’s new Mental Health Education feature is live, which means users will now be able to access mental health resources and videos right from the app through our partnership with PsychHub.

PsychHub is the world’s largest online platform for digital mental health education and will be providing useful video content to users in the VentSpace App Community.

The United States is experiencing a mental health crisis. Nearly 20 percent of U.S. adults struggle with mental health issues and more than 17 million have reported depressive episodes. The coronavirus pandemic and resulting social isolation have increased symptoms for many, and experts are warning that the mental health impact of COVID-19 may continue for years to come.

The VentSpace app was created as a safe, anonymous place for individuals to share their thoughts, emotions, struggles, and questions without fear of judgement or rejection. The free platform lets users upload posts about themselves and their lives and get support from others.

After all the interest and positive feedback from users, we decided to expand the app to offer additional resources and tools for users who are struggling with mental health or who want to be better informed.

We’ve created a section with videos that will help educate users, whether they need mental health support themselves or want to provide support to others. As more users continue to use the app and search for support, we want to make sure we provide resources that will help lead to solutions, in addition to being a safe place to share feelings.

This feature and the VentSpace app is completely free for users—and as always, we never include ads within our social feeds.

Let us know what you think of the new feature! Our goal is to continuously improve the app to better meet the needs of our users. If you have questions or feedback, feel free to drop us a line.