What MentSpace Isn’t

So what exactly is MentSpace? Well, we’re glad you asked and want to thank you for checking us out!
This platform was inspired by discussions with education professionals about the loneliness epidemic faced by teens and young adults and the need for mental health resources. We expanded our concept to offer mental health support and connection for both teens and adults.
We’ve been getting questions about the platform and decided a post from the team was in order. We decided the best way to explain our app is by explaining what we’re not. So read on to see what differentiates us from other mental health resources and keep the questions coming!

We’re not therapy.

We love apps like BetterHelp and Talkspace where you can pay to talk with a licenced, professional therapist or counselor. MentSpace does not offer therapy services. Instead, we give you an outlet to anonymously express your thoughts and feelings and we connect you with a community of regular people who can relate.

We’re not a chat room.

Our topic boards center around specific mental health issues and common challenges that people face—for example, “anxiety,” “addiction,” “relationship challenges” and “loneliness.” This app is not a place to start online arguments, hit on people, troll, or put down other users. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.

We don’t ‘fix’ the problem.

The MentSpace community is a place to share challenges, receive support, ask questions and discuss topics related to mental health. Using our platform may not solve underlying problems, but it will help you feel less alone on your journey and give you inspiration for moving forward.