VentSpace is a safe, inclusive
space to be yourself

The anonymity of our platform means that our community feels safe knowing they will not be judged for who they are or how they look. We provide a supportive, nonjudgmental environment that can be especially impactful for marginalized groups.

Diverse partnerships for holistic support

We partner with mental health service providers that specialize in supporting specific groups, African Americans, Latinos, Military and veterans, LGBTQIA+ individuals, Women, or Parents. This improves our ability to cater to the unique needs of diverse communities by integrating specialized resources and expertise.

We’re more than an app — we’re a community

With 10,000+ members and counting, VentSpace has become not just a place to share, but a place to connect with others and feel validated by their experiences. This is especially important given the loneliness epidemic in the United States. We have an 85% engagement rate, which means our community values the space for connection and expression we have created.